Empowering You To Tap Into The Magic Within

Bijoux Wright created Fabulous&Grounded™ after people kept telling her she didn't "appear" to look like someone who was spiritually grounded, but on the contrary is very much so. She created Fabulous&Grounded™ to not only promote the idea that you can be fabulous and grounded, but to assist people in enhancing and transforming their lifestyle using metaphysics, spirituality, and the law of attraction. She does this through personalized coaching, as well as hosting workshops and events that empower and heal people. Bijoux has made it her mission to help people awaken to who they were meant to be by helping them tap into their magic, release emotional blocks that no longer serve them, and start manifesting the life they were meant to live!

Bijoux is a Certified Life Coach from American Life Coach Academy, an ICF Accredited program, and specializes in Manifestation Coaching. She is also a Usui Reiki Energy Healer,  where she uses life force energy to aid in releasing what no longer serves you. 

 Start Manifesting The Life You Envisioned