A New Way of Meditating

Fabulous&Grounded- Meditation

Aww meditation, the one word that makes you automatically think of monks sitting quietly for hours on end, never flinching or moving, not even to stretch a leg that has fallen asleep or to scratch an itch at the tip of their nose. But let me tell you baby, we’ve come a long way in the forms of meditation! So erase that image from your mind Diva! I’m going to give you a few meditation techniques that you can incorporate into your life easily today, without rearranging your entire life! Mediation will help you to feel calmer, less stressed, happier and will give you clarity on things that up until meditating were very foggy. 

First up is my absolute fav, Chanting, and let me tell you why. For most people when they sit down to try and meditate their mind doesn’t seem to calm down, but instead has a constant chatter of what pissed them off today or in the past, what did they forget to do today, what items do they need from the grocery store, are they in the right field, what time do they pick up their kids from practice, yada yada yada yak yak yak! Sound familiar? Well with chanting I find that when using your voice, the sound and vibration is calming and soothing, and isn’t that where we want to be, oh yeah it is! And because you are constantly chanting words or phrases your mind tends to focus on the task at hand and the chatter subsides. 

To get you started so you can test out my theory and not just take my word for it, try saying OM. Your mouth should be forming an “O” in the beginning and lips pursed together and humming “M” at the end. Now chanting OM is actually quite powerful, because it is the vibration of the universe and of all life. Its a mantra originally spelled AUM and it embodies divine energy, so when chanting it you become one with this divine energy and you’re pulsating in tune with the universe. Talk about powerful right! Even if you just think about that while chanting, it will put you in a space of being centered, grounded, and connected! 

Up next is Walking or Nature Mediation. Many of us do this technique everyday and don’t even realize it! Whats the first thing you want to do when confronted with drama? You want to get away to decompress right? Most of us take a long quiet walk to let off steam or to calm down, not realizing that this is also a form of meditation and if used properly can be very therapeutic. See aren’t you happy that you were already doing a form of meditation and now you can do more of it! Woot Woot! The slight change in this, will just need to be a shift in your mind while walking among nature or down the street. Take your mind off of what’s bothering you and look around at the beauty of nature. Take in the sights and breathe, don’t the birds sound lovely, wave at the little old lady sweeping her porch, turn your face to the sun and bask in the glow! Just writing this makes me want to go take a walk right now but I am looking out at nature into the backyard and at this very second a few deer are grazing. No I don’t live on acres of land, not yet anyway LoL, but yet here they are, and that fact amazes me because its a heavy residential area, yet I get to see their beauty! Just being present and in the moment will help to shift your energy and vibration to one where you can feel without a doubt the answers to your questions. The answers will seem like they are just coming to you magically and it might just have you feeling like you can take over the world!!! Go get em’ girl!!!

Alright, the last one that I’ll share with you today is meditating in the form or coloring or painting. I absolutely love the fact that now they have a ton of grown-up coloring books and art work to paint. Oh, and its perfect if you’re slightly like me and can’t really draw all that well! Who ever thought to come up with these are pure geniuses! They have many to choose from that include nature, abstract art, and even have abstract profanity to color if thats your thing, oh yeah, there is something for everyone. The mosaic tiles of these art pieces are small and take a while to color, but during this time your mind is only focused on what color selections are best and that you need to stay in those lines! Okay, it really is okay to color outside the lines, but while you’re coloring or painting your mind is only focused on trying to make it look beautiful. This technique has a very calming effect and is a huge stress reliever giving you time to decompress. It essentially has the same results as the two techniques above but just in a different way. 

We are not all cut from the same cloth and we definitely have our own unique ways of doing things, so I’m here to let you know that your meditation practice is no different. 

You have to do what works best for you and what you’re comfortable with. The only main thing we are shooting for here is bringing up your energy vibration by lowering worrying and stress. By doing this we are able to get you to a place where you can clear the chatter of the mind, so that you may know without an ounce of doubt the answers to all the questions regarding the confusion surrounding your life. Or hey, in contrast these techniques willsimply keep you in alignment and balance, because when you feel great from the inside out, you tend to attract great things into your life.