The Secret To Manifesting


Having trouble manifesting your desires Diva?

Well, I have the solution for you! It's simple and yet quite effective if done properly. It’s a secret to some but I will be passing this info along to you in order to get you headed in the right direction, or I will be awakening the knowledge within, which has been lying dormant inside of you begging to be activated! I bet you’re wondering what this little secret is aren’t you? (insert drum roll here)

It's called Manifestation Journaling. Now before you gripe about having to write out journal entries every day, this type of journaling is different. This type of journaling produces quicker results, this type of journaling if done correctly will help you create the life that you have always dreamed about! Bet I have your attention now, Huh!

We all want the same things in life right? A job we love, more income, financial stability, time to travel and at the top of everyone’s list is a loving relationship.

When you start to incorporate manifestation journaling into your daily routine or life, you are essentially creating the script for your life with you as the Star!

So how do I get started you ask? First, select a journal or notebook that you can delegate specifically to manifesting your desires. You don’t necessarily have to have one just for manifesting, but it does help. Now if you want to start right away and don’t have an extra one you can certainly use a journal/notebook that you’ve used for other things. It won’t really matter either way but the one main ingredient that you need here is intention! Your desire and intention above all, will aid in the manifestation process.

In a moment, we will get started on your first journal entry but for now, I will give you a couple of parameters regarding the entries.

The most important are to (a) write all journal entries in the positive. (UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES EVER, in your little Fabulous life, may you write in the negative of what you don’t want)

 (b) write the journal entry as if it already exist (c) let go of worry about when it will manifest and have faith that it already has, and (d) when you read over the entry after jotting it down, visualize and feel what having those wishes manifested would look and feel like.

Okay, let's get you started on your first entry. Now listen up Diva, I beg of you not to second guess what you’d like to write down because it seems to big to come to life. When those thoughts of doubt creep in, tell it to take a back seat and get back to the matter at hand! Fear will keep you in the same place and I know you’re ready for change, so lets get to it! I will provide brief examples of some of my journal entries that have manifested for me.

1.   I am in a joyful, playful, supportive, romantic relationship where we both cherish and love each other.

2.   Got an exciting call from my agency today. They were calling to inform me that I was personally selected for a lead role.

3.   In October, all of my car problems will be taken care of.

4.   I am thankful for the new job that I love that comes with an increase in salary and travel.

These entries don’t have to be long and drawn out and you can give as much detail as you want, especially for something specific. If you want something to manifest in three months write that out. I wrote in January that I would have new headshots in three months and totally forgot that I had written that. Then the other day my girlfriend tells me she’s getting me headshots and I subconsciously picked March as a booking date.

Diva, trust that this stuff works! It always works best when you don’t try and control the situation but just take action towards it. For example, for me it was asking around about headshot photographers, analyzing what headshots worked best, and contacting photographers about their prices. Now, I could have called up every photographer to ask them if they could book me in March so I’d be in alignment with my three-month request, but that right there is a way you are trying to control the situation. Instead, go with the flow! For instance, If the one you liked best only had an opening in May, but someone called out in March and you were on the waiting list and were moved to a March shoot, whelp you essentially got what you asked for.

By trusting in the Divine and not worrying about the specifics of “How,” your desires will manifest for you left and right! Well, I bet you’re ready to get started aren’t you?

Seeing your dreams on paper have an incredible impact on the mind and the energy that surrounds you! I can’t stress enough how important it is to write down your dreams and desires to make them manifest quicker!

So get to it!


Happy Manifesting