5 Reasons Your Aren't Attracting What You Desire

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Does everything you want just seem out of your grasp all the time? It's like right there, you can feel it, you can see it, you can taste it, and them Bam, it disappears like a thief in the night! So now at this point you are totally frustrated, angry, confused, hell, you may even be at your wits end, but I got news for you! There are a few reasons why you aren’t getting what you want. No it isn’t the economy or the lack of quality available individuals, or you being under qualified, but I will tell you one thing honey, brace yourself, because it's you! You’re the reason why you aren’t attracting what you desire in your life. I may be a little brash, I know, but it’s about the shock factor here! I need to shake and wake you up out of this little cocoon of lies you keep feeding to yourself to make you feel better about not having or being exactly what it is that you want in your life! Now if you can be honest with yourself and relate to any of the five that I’m about to tell you, we can get somewhere and don’t fret my dear I’ve been there too, until I finally woke up because I wanted better for myself!  Now why am I helping you wake up? Well I’m essentially helping you to get out of your way but more importantly, I’m tired of seeing you mope around blaming the world for your problems, I want to see you win! I want to see you happy! I want to see you in the relationship of your dreams, I want to see you creating your dream job and taking the steps in order to make it happen! So keep reading my Luvbug because once you acknowledge you have an issue we can begin to fix it, now lets see what mama can help you with.

1)   Fear

You fear not being good enough, talented enough, or you fear people are going to figure you out. They are going to finally realize that you really don’t know what you’re doing or even talking about! Well let me tell you something, so many people let fear paralyze them from the gate that they never even start! There are so many talented people who will never be recognized and there are a ton of mediocre people out here living their life and being famous because they are “fearless.” Just know that you don’t have to be the best to succeed you just have to stay persistent and consistent and when it comes to love, you have to recognize that everyone is not out to get you! Some people really do just want to love you, but if you keep fearing that’ll you’ll be hurt, you’ll end up getting someone that’s going to hurt you because that is what you’re putting your laser focus on!

2)   Doubt

Why do you keep doubting yourself? You love to bake but when you took your cake to the work function Mrs. Bitter Betty said your cake was too dry and tasted like cardboard. Why do you even care what Mrs. Bitter Betty said? Yes, it may have hurt your feeling but she’s the same person that bought an apple pie from the grocery store to pass off as her own, screw this lady and what she thinks! How do you know her comments aren’t to make you feel bad because she has issues going on within herself and totally nothing that has to do with you! Why is it that when we can get a ton of praise we feel amazing and then one joker comes along with a bad comment and we take that and run with it! Well, let that go! It's time to start believing in your ability again because if it keeps coming up for you and it puts a smile on your face then you need to be doing it!

3)   You’re Concerned of What People May Think

So you don’t want to disappoint your parents who have just spent a boatload of money on your tuition to be a doctor, but you really rather start a bed and breakfast. Today is the day you stop living for other people and you start living for yourself! Why you ask, well it's your life and if you don’t live it fully and out loud in the way you deem necessary, then you will always be walking around in a state of being unsettled because you aren’t doing what you truly desire. Pleasing people is so 2015! This is the year you stand up for yourself and your dreams, and hell, you stand up for the person that you desire to date and be unapologetic about it! Will everyone be happy with this, no, but guess what, you’ll be happy and it will feel like a weight is lifted off of your shoulders allowing you to breathe.

4)   Mindset

Your mindset is what truly has you messed up in the first place, I mean this should really be number one, but I didn’t write it out that way, insert smiley face here. Your mind is powerful and don’t let anyone tell you different! Your thoughts create your reality and they are why you are exactly where you are today! Yup, you created everything by hyper-focusing on certain things or events thereby having those things you ultimately didn’t want manifest itself in your life. If you interview for a job and afterward you kept saying, “ I won’t get it, I won’t get it” then guess what, you won’t get it! You finally meet a person that takes your breath away at the very sight of them and the chemistry is unlike any other, yet you keep thinking, “They are going to leave me, they are going to leave me,” then most likely the person will walk out of your life because that is what you kept focusing on instead of being present and enjoying the moment. When you change your mindset you change your life! I know you feel you’re meant for better, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this, so start knowing without an ounce of doubt that you deserve better and you will have better!

5)    Self Sabotage

Oh man, life is going great! Projections are exceeding your expectations, you were approved for that 100k loan to start your own company, and you were just proposed to in front of your entire family on Christmas from the love of your life! Wow, what could go wrong right?  Well deep down you don’t feel worthy of having things go right in your life, things are feeling too right at the moment and that can be a scary feeling. There is no struggle so how can it be real right, so what do you do, you self-sabotage your efforts. This sabotage is all done in the subconscious mind so sometimes we aren’t aware of this.  For example, you start doing things like accidentally sending outdated info to the higher-ups and now they feel you are incompetent and decline to offer you the position you’ve been waiting for, or you had 48 hours to get the proper paperwork into the loan officer so your loan could be finalized, yet you forgot, or you started checking and replying to messages on your dating social app just to see what else was out there and you left the page up on accident running to the car for an item, and guess who is scrolling through your messages when you get back. Well, what you’re ultimately doing is hindering your efforts and pushing yourself further away from your goals. Once you begin to recognize that you are the one keeping you away from all that you desire you can start making the necessary adjustments.


You can absolutely attract everything your little heart desires. The universe is abundant and wants you to have everything you’ve ever wanted but you have to be ready. Start being aware of your thoughts and actions and begin to place them in alignment with your goals and desires. I promise you that once you do this, you will ultimately see a shift that will be so powerful that it will seem like your life is magically coming together.