5 Warning Signs You're Blocking Your Blessings

Fabulous&Grounded Blessings




1.     Stress

Stress is the biggest blessing blocker of them all. If you’re tense, can’t sleep and moody then Diva, we have a problem on our hands. You’re essentially telling the Divine and the universe that you don’t trust what it's shelling out. When you project out stressed energy you receive more events to keep you stressed in return, because that’s what you’re choosing to focus your attention and energy on. Now, for instance, If you need money trust that it’s on its way to you, ask the Divine for guidance on what you need to do on your end, but have faith that it's on the way. Same thing goes for a job or wanting to be in a relationship. Relieve the stress, and your energy will change and start attracting the things that you want. Meditation is a great stress reliever as well as swimming, if you’re a swimmer, go for a swim, if you’re a hiker find a new trail to try, but don’t let stress be the reason you aren’t manifesting your desires.


2.     Fear

Oh, good old fear, the kind that you can feel in your gut and keeps you from doing what you need to do. When fear creeps in, our body and mind automatically react in a way to keep us safe. Safe from feeling failure, safe from feeling heartache, safe from feeling pain, but think about it, what are you protecting yourself from? You are trying to protect yourself from a future event that has not even occurred yet. Think about that for a moment because doesn’t that sound absurd? Fear will block us from blessings and keep us in place because we fear the unknown. Some of us are so scared to make a decision and have it be a mistake that we choose to do nothing out of fear! Begin to recognize when fear rears its ugly head because this will be the indication that it's time for you to move forward on your journey! I promise you, you’ll be all right.


3.     Procrastination

Procrastination will keep you stuck in place, so recognize when you’re doing it. Essentially you’re slowing down your progress to move forward and we can’t have that. Does this sound familiar, oh it’s only a simple graphic that I have to make so I’ll do it tomorrow, or I’ll finish going over that contract next week. Listen here Diva, don’t be the person who self-sabotages their dream by putting off tasks that need to be completed in order to succeed. If the task seems too big, tackle it a little bit at a time until it’s complete. Successful people utilize the time they have and continue to knock out a little at a time and over time their compounding efforts start to produce the type of results they want.



4.     Irritability & Anger

You woke up in a funk, jumped out of bed and your pet Mitzy left you a nice little gift on the carpet, making you hop on one leg to the bathroom. You get in the bathroom and notice after you’re sitting on the toilet that you’re fresh out of toilet paper. Damn Diva, you’re starting the day off bad! First things first, your mood in the morning sets your precedence for the day. So if you open your eyes and you’re angry or irritated then there are some issues and feelings lying underneath the surface that need to be dealt with. Being angry or irritated will only bring more of those situations to you because energetically that’s what you’re putting out. Like attracts Like, remember that. You can instantly change your mood in the morning by immediately focusing on what you’re grateful for in your life and giving the Divine thanks for what’s going right in your life. Now some of you may be going through it and can’t see the forest for the trees but, the Divine woke you up this morning, I know that because you’re reading this and that blessing right there is all you need to be thankful for if you can’t think of anything else.


5.     Trying Too Hard

It looked like an open door of opportunity yet it closed, so why are you still banging on the door, or you keep trying to hold your marriage together with someone who expressed to you that you really aren't what they want. Ouch, talk about heartbreaking! Shoot honestly, I’ve had this happen to me, I wasn’t in a marriage but dating someone and kept trying to hold it together thinking that one day they would wake up and know that I was the best thing since sliced bread. Well, that moment never came and I had to wake up and realize I was trying too hard. Trying too hard to get someone to love me, and definitely trying too hard to make it work. Once you begin to realize that you are worthy of love, the less you put up with the Bull! Once you realize that an opportunity for you won’t be shut down in your face, unless it's for your highest good, you can breathe easier knowing everything is as it should be. There are no mistakes, so learn to go with the flow knowing that everything is in divine order.