How Rapper Waka Flocka Helped Deepen My Faith

YES, I said rapper Waka Flocka, there is no need to adjust your screen or think that I meant to type Deepak or Wayne Dyer.

I met Waka Flocka on a relatively normal day while on a layover in Denver. While I was rushing to my gate I saw him surrounded by people taking photos. I thought to myself, man I wish I had the chance to talk with him about his spirituality. Now, you’re probably thinking, girl that’s a random question but let me give you the back-story.

The night before, I had written in my manifestation journal that I wanted to start interviewing celebs and asking them about their spiritual practice, so I could bring more awareness to our generation who has had such a big shift in consciousness. So for him to materialize the very next day was a sign to me. It was even more of a sign when I headed to my gate and was unable to make the flight and I had to catch a later one, coincidence, I think not! The Universe and Spirit were devising a plan, and that plan was for me to speak with him.

On my way back over, he was surrounded by fans snapping pictures, and even airport personnel and crew were in on the action. So, I patiently waited my turn hoping this dude was not going to look at me crazy when he heard what I had to say. He probably just thought I wanted a picture like everyone else, but what I wanted was so much more.

He greeted me kindly, asked how I was, and yet in the back of my mind, I was thinking how does this dude get such a bad wrap when he really is a kind soul, a bit misunderstood yes, but definitely not what the media portrays him to be. So anyhow, I introduce myself and tell him about the vision of Fabulous&Grounded™ and how I want it to be a catalyst for change amongst our community, along with how I wanted to bridge the disconnect from spirituality. I told him how I wanted to create a place where people felt comfortable to be themselves spiritually, as well as people looking to seek a higher meaning in life, and they didn’t have to be or live a “Granola or Hippie Life” to be grounded in spirituality, thus explaining why Fabulous&Grounded™ was born.

So I’m rambling on and he’s watching me with interest, nodding in agreement, and then I go in for the kill, so would I be able to interview you?

Now I have a background in Production, I’ve field produced for CNN, I’ve done production for BET, so I’m thinking ok this is a shoe-in, plus this helps me get back into production. So it was a surprise to me when he said No. Not one to back down from a challenge, I said why not? He informed me that he was tired of talking to people that didn’t understand his message because when he did, he would get such negative feedback that he preferred to talk to individuals on a one on one basis. So I say, “Well this is exactly why this type of dialog is needed” and in true Waka fashion he was adamant saying “Nah I don’t want to do that, its been overly done, but this is your interview right here”

Now listen, I was disappointed in that moment but I was taught not to deem any encounter or situation good or bad, but instead I needed to figure out what lesson I was supposed to be learning because we are forever growing! So after that initial disappointment, I thought by golly you’re absolutely right, this IS my interview, and this was my opportunity to see how you felt, it’s definitely all about perception right!

We wrapped up our conversation discussing how he felt Martin Luther King’s message was lost among the masses and that he perished for nothing, whereas I stated that everyone has a purpose in their lifetime and that MLK fulfilled his before his life was taken. I truly liked that we were able to have a challenging yet light debate, because everyone has their own perception and ideas, even though we are all connected.

I remember looking at the Buddhist medallion around his neck and thinking “namaste,” which translates to “The light in me recognizes the light in you.”

I thanked him for his time and headed to my Atlanta gate as he rushed over to his flight to Chicago.

Sitting at the gate made me realize three things, situations don’t always go as planned but if you remain open you’ll see that you’re getting the results you desire. Also, I felt a deeper sense of needing to walk in my purpose with more faith than ever before. I was more eager to get my message out and start transforming lives. I think the part about it being “overly done” may have had a little something to do with it, because being told that will either make you or break you. However, I’ve come to learn that what is for you, is for YOU, and that what is put on your heart by Spirit is what you’re supposed to be doing regardless of what others may think.

It also made me realize that it’s bigger than celebs. So many of us are walking around without tapping into our spirituality that we are choosing to exist, rather than live, and it was time for me to press forward, smashing through obstacles, in order to teach others to be Fabulous & Grounded!