believe in yourself

Speak Your Desires Into Existence


Oh Baby The Tongue Is POWERFUL! What You Speak and Think Will Become Your Reality! Make Sure That You Only Speak Positive Things Over Your Life. If You Wake Up Everyday And Comment How Fat You Are, Then Guess What, You'll Never Be A Weight That Makes You Happy! If You Repeat Constantly, I Can Never Find A Good Relationship, Or A Job, Then Guess What, You Attract Just That! Why? Because Not Only Is That What You Are Thinking About Yourself,  You Are Also Speaking It Into Existence. So Today Start Monitoring Your Thoughts And What You Actually Say. If You Catch Yourself Steering Toward The Negative, That's Awesome, You're Beginning To Recognize It So You Can Start Correcting The Behavior. Start By Waking Up Saying How Much You Love Your Body, That You’re Being Guided To The Perfect Job, And How You Are Open And Ready For a Fulfilling Relationship. You Will Start To See Changes Because You’ll Be Vibrating Differently. Remember The Things You Desire Are At A Higher Vibration And It’s Attainable! The Hardest Part Will Be Having Patience Until It Manifests. Your Job Here Is Only To Plant Seeds Of Intention And Not Worry About How It Comes,  Or When It Comes. Just Know That It’s On It’s Way To You In Divine Timing, Not Your Own. If It’s Something You Need Immediately Like Money For A Bill, Say Thank You For This Bill Being Paid, Then Release The Worry. Someone Who Owes You Money May Contact You, You May Receive A Random Check In The Mail, Or You May Feel An Urge To Reach Out To A Certain Person Who Will Give You The Money. The Worry Or Fear Vibration Blocks Things From You So Start Changing Your Vibration And Let Me Know What You Begin Attracting.

You Are Powerful!


Today I was guided to let you know how powerful you are!
You can have the life you envision for yourself.
Don’t be afraid to take that first step.
Don’t be afraid to take that chance.
Don’t be afraid to take that leap.
Those thoughts and ideas are coming to you from Source.
Don’t talk yourself out of bringing them into fruition.
You can have more love in your life, more adventure in your life, and definitely more passion and purpose in your life.
If you're like most people you’ve stopped and started and stopped again--but in the long run that doesn’t matter.
What matters is that you begin again.
If you’re still having a hard time with resistance, download my free meditation
I AM below.
This meditation will help you not only raise your vibration, but will help you be more confident in yourself, more loving to yourself, and more accepting of yourself.

Listen to it as often as you need you. (*You was originally a typo that was supposed to say *to, but I left it as YOU because it's  10 million times more powerful.) You need you to function in this world. Your authentic and beautiful self is YOU in all its glory! Be proud of who you are and where you are. This is your journey and no one else's. Savor every moment and relish in the power that exudes from you.

What a delicious life this is!

My wish for you today is that you recognize the power you have within and let it shine bright!

You Are Powerful And Have Everything You Need Within You!

Sending you virtual hugs!!!


You Are In Control


Getting through life can seem daunting at times, but you must remember!

“You Are In Control”

When nothing seems to be going your way, and you’re seemingly depressed, angry or sad because life keeps beating you up, take a moment to breathe.
Take a moment to realize that life isn’t happening to you and you have the control!
You have to power to change your life at any given moment.
When I didn’t like my job, I quit!
When I no longer felt loved and appreciated, I walked away!
When I felt like I wanted to walk in my purpose, I found out what made me happy!
Was it scary to step into the unknown, Hell Yeah, but how will life ever get better if it remains the same!
The moment you realize that you have the power to create whatever it is that you desire, your life will fall into alignment.
When this alignment occurs you’ll start receiving guidance and answers assisting you with your next step, but you must remain open.
Remaining open means going with the flow and not having any expectations of an outcome. It also means looking out for signs.
The Divine speaks to us in different ways, but look out for synchronicities. For example, if you receive a phone call from someone you haven’t talked to in years, or you hear a specific song that holds all the answers to your problem like they are singing directly to you, then these are the messages you need to pay attention to.
 Also, look out for white feathers because it’s Spirit saying I’m here. I receive these a lot when I’m going through troubled times. It’s the Divine’s way of saying I’m with you, so you don’t have to worry!
The Divine is always happy to guide you & comfort you, just ask, and things will manifest for you like never before!

 Always remember you are in complete control & don’t ever forget that!

Happy Manifesting!


3 Things Not To Do If You Want Change


The three items below are sure-fire ways to keep you stuck in a life void of adventure, happiness, and abundance.

1) Lacking Faith
 Lacking faith will get you no where! Have faith in what you don’t see. Know that your little steps and tasks do matter in the bigger picture, and those actions will bear fruit when the timing is right.

2) Being Negative
 You LuvBug are made of pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. Your energy attracts likeenergy, so if you remain negative you’ll continue to attract situations that will keep you in a negative mood. Who in the heck wants that! I know you don’t! So if you find yourself in a funky mood stop and do something that will shift your mood immediately.

3) Talking Yourself Out Of Something
 So many times we talk ourselves out of taking that first step, why, because it’s out of our comfort zone and a little voice tells us so! Our human nature is to stay comfortably in this space because its safe and we know what’s going to happen. It's time to ignore that voice in your head telling you you’re no good, not talented enough, or your plan won’t succeed. Its time for you to believe in yourself and your abilities, You Got This!