Speak Your Desires Into Existence


Oh Baby The Tongue Is POWERFUL! What You Speak and Think Will Become Your Reality! Make Sure That You Only Speak Positive Things Over Your Life. If You Wake Up Everyday And Comment How Fat You Are, Then Guess What, You'll Never Be A Weight That Makes You Happy! If You Repeat Constantly, I Can Never Find A Good Relationship, Or A Job, Then Guess What, You Attract Just That! Why? Because Not Only Is That What You Are Thinking About Yourself,  You Are Also Speaking It Into Existence. So Today Start Monitoring Your Thoughts And What You Actually Say. If You Catch Yourself Steering Toward The Negative, That's Awesome, You're Beginning To Recognize It So You Can Start Correcting The Behavior. Start By Waking Up Saying How Much You Love Your Body, That You’re Being Guided To The Perfect Job, And How You Are Open And Ready For a Fulfilling Relationship. You Will Start To See Changes Because You’ll Be Vibrating Differently. Remember The Things You Desire Are At A Higher Vibration And It’s Attainable! The Hardest Part Will Be Having Patience Until It Manifests. Your Job Here Is Only To Plant Seeds Of Intention And Not Worry About How It Comes,  Or When It Comes. Just Know That It’s On It’s Way To You In Divine Timing, Not Your Own. If It’s Something You Need Immediately Like Money For A Bill, Say Thank You For This Bill Being Paid, Then Release The Worry. Someone Who Owes You Money May Contact You, You May Receive A Random Check In The Mail, Or You May Feel An Urge To Reach Out To A Certain Person Who Will Give You The Money. The Worry Or Fear Vibration Blocks Things From You So Start Changing Your Vibration And Let Me Know What You Begin Attracting.

Why the Law of Attraction Isn't Working For You!


According to the Law of Attraction, you attract into your life circumstances, conditions, and things that correspond with the very nature of your most dominant thoughts. Every area of your life, is influenced by this law. In order to be more in tune with the Law of Attraction, you have to change your perception, beliefs, and behaviors.

Changing those is no easy feat, especially when those dominant thoughts are of a negative nature, but it can and must be done if you want to live your best life. When the feelings of lack, fear, or doubt have seeped into your conscious or subconscious mind from previous experiences, you’ll replay those experiences.  Constant replaying of those experiences, will bring up the fear, hurt and worry attached to the past experiences. Staying in that vibration, or emotion will keep you in a non-receiving mode, and who in the hell wants to stay there!

So how do you make the law of attraction work for you?
Change your thoughts and you will ultimately change your life! Be mindful of the thoughts that come into your mind. Most of your success will come from being aware. Accept where you are in the present, both physically and spiritually, and then work from the now. Be gentle on yourself. Our timing is not the divine’s timing. Remember you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

In the meantime, before your dreams have a chance to manifest, just change your perception of how you view your circumstances. Find the positive in everything. Find things today to be grateful for. Stay hopeful and upbeat in the stage where you have no tangible evidence. Set your intention today, visualize it coming to fruition, and thank the universe for already having sent it to you.

Happy Manifesting LuvBugs
Love, Bijoux