3 Things Not To Do If You Want Change


The three items below are sure-fire ways to keep you stuck in a life void of adventure, happiness, and abundance.

1) Lacking Faith
 Lacking faith will get you no where! Have faith in what you don’t see. Know that your little steps and tasks do matter in the bigger picture, and those actions will bear fruit when the timing is right.

2) Being Negative
 You LuvBug are made of pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. Your energy attracts likeenergy, so if you remain negative you’ll continue to attract situations that will keep you in a negative mood. Who in the heck wants that! I know you don’t! So if you find yourself in a funky mood stop and do something that will shift your mood immediately.

3) Talking Yourself Out Of Something
 So many times we talk ourselves out of taking that first step, why, because it’s out of our comfort zone and a little voice tells us so! Our human nature is to stay comfortably in this space because its safe and we know what’s going to happen. It's time to ignore that voice in your head telling you you’re no good, not talented enough, or your plan won’t succeed. Its time for you to believe in yourself and your abilities, You Got This!