You Are Powerful!


Today I was guided to let you know how powerful you are!
You can have the life you envision for yourself.
Don’t be afraid to take that first step.
Don’t be afraid to take that chance.
Don’t be afraid to take that leap.
Those thoughts and ideas are coming to you from Source.
Don’t talk yourself out of bringing them into fruition.
You can have more love in your life, more adventure in your life, and definitely more passion and purpose in your life.
If you're like most people you’ve stopped and started and stopped again--but in the long run that doesn’t matter.
What matters is that you begin again.
If you’re still having a hard time with resistance, download my free meditation
I AM below.
This meditation will help you not only raise your vibration, but will help you be more confident in yourself, more loving to yourself, and more accepting of yourself.

Listen to it as often as you need you. (*You was originally a typo that was supposed to say *to, but I left it as YOU because it's  10 million times more powerful.) You need you to function in this world. Your authentic and beautiful self is YOU in all its glory! Be proud of who you are and where you are. This is your journey and no one else's. Savor every moment and relish in the power that exudes from you.

What a delicious life this is!

My wish for you today is that you recognize the power you have within and let it shine bright!

You Are Powerful And Have Everything You Need Within You!

Sending you virtual hugs!!!