You Are In Control


Getting through life can seem daunting at times, but you must remember!

“You Are In Control”

When nothing seems to be going your way, and you’re seemingly depressed, angry or sad because life keeps beating you up, take a moment to breathe.
Take a moment to realize that life isn’t happening to you and you have the control!
You have to power to change your life at any given moment.
When I didn’t like my job, I quit!
When I no longer felt loved and appreciated, I walked away!
When I felt like I wanted to walk in my purpose, I found out what made me happy!
Was it scary to step into the unknown, Hell Yeah, but how will life ever get better if it remains the same!
The moment you realize that you have the power to create whatever it is that you desire, your life will fall into alignment.
When this alignment occurs you’ll start receiving guidance and answers assisting you with your next step, but you must remain open.
Remaining open means going with the flow and not having any expectations of an outcome. It also means looking out for signs.
The Divine speaks to us in different ways, but look out for synchronicities. For example, if you receive a phone call from someone you haven’t talked to in years, or you hear a specific song that holds all the answers to your problem like they are singing directly to you, then these are the messages you need to pay attention to.
 Also, look out for white feathers because it’s Spirit saying I’m here. I receive these a lot when I’m going through troubled times. It’s the Divine’s way of saying I’m with you, so you don’t have to worry!
The Divine is always happy to guide you & comfort you, just ask, and things will manifest for you like never before!

 Always remember you are in complete control & don’t ever forget that!

Happy Manifesting!